Plotting out our route south



We leave on Sunday morning.

Diane and I are determined to find some mountains to climb in between meals.  In the past six days, Diane has gained 4 pounds.  I, luckily, have no idea how much I weighed to begin with.  It is much harder and more painful to spend your days eating than I’d ever imagined.  I know, cry me a river.  But I’ve never eaten so purposefully in my life.  That means no matter how full I am, I can’t turn down a meal because it’s a learning opportunity.

The last time I came even close to feeling this way was in San Sebastian, at the end of my time in Spain, when I decided to eat my way through my surplus money.  I really miss feeling hungry.


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2 Responses to “Plotting out our route south”

  1. girl "air-in" Says:

    I love looking at your blog, ladies! Diane, it is nice to see a picture of you! Also, do you know if you can get a lot of these Korean wines/liquors in CA? I would like to try them. Hope you have found the mountains. Cheers and thanks for the blog. It is such a great one.


  2. Diane Says:

    So glad that you’re enjoying Grace’s blog, Erin! For the most part, you can get the straight up industrial soju at most Korean supermarkets and restaurants, but the makgeolli and dongdongju are definitely less common.

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