Very Berry Black Raspberry



I often wonder what wine pairs well with Korean food. But when I’m drinking a black raspberry wine like bokbunja (복분자), there’s less to worry about. This particular Sanmaesu (산매수) brand of bokbunja from Sunoonsan Mountain (선운산) was much drier than the version I’d tried at Mimi and Alex’s a few weeks ago, but there’s still a hint of sugar. Grace noted how the sweetness hits in the beginning, but this black raspberry wine is completely dry by the time you swallow it.  The very berry black raspberry-like concentrate and candy smell hits as you raise the cup to drink and consistently stays as you drink. This opaque purple liquid seems both sweet and sour, and it leaves a very light coat of tannin in your mouth. It is the perfect antidote to the ammonia laden stink of hongeojjim (홍어찜).


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