Bubbly Happiness


I’ve spent a lot of time in the last six months talking to anyone who will talk to me about Korean food and cooking. Somewhat introverted, I’ll be honest that this hasn’t been the easiest journey, though mostly, it’s been tons of fun. We’ve met some great people who have been very generous with their time and eager to take us out to meals so that we would have an opportunity to eat and taste Korean dishes that we otherwise would not have a chance to eat.

But on Thursday, I was stunned and ecstatic (danced a little jig in my head!) when an already generous lunch at Poom (), a modern Korean restaurant located at the base of Namsan (남산), was accompanied by the elusive king of Champagne.

Krug 1996 at Poom

This hedonistic pleasure of a 1996 Krug was golden-colored and wonderfully complex. It began with lightly toasted smoky notes but melted into vigorous citrus-y freshness. The acidity was still strong and vibrant, giving the wine a strong backbone that made me wish that I’d have the opportunity to meet it again 10 years from now. The strong bruised apple flavor finish lingered on.


Extending this flight of fancy was a dish of sliced dates. Crunchy, slightly sweet yumminess!


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