Fish and rice and choco-pie!


Spanish people love jamón so much, it’s a potato chip flavor.

And Korean people love fish so much…


And squid…


And rice.  And anything they can tell themselves is healthy.


But this new-fangled chocolate-covered cake with filling (hey, it’s kind of like an alfajor!) is what really made me happy.


One of my first and favorite Korean junk foods was “Choco Pies.”  And to think they’ve updated it with rice and chestnut filling!  I can personally attest that it is very tasty.


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One Response to “Fish and rice and choco-pie!”

  1. Diane Choo Says:

    They might try to come up with something new like those Ssal Pies, but I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to improve on that perfect combination of cake, chocolate and marshmallow in Choco Pies. Writing about Choco Pie makes me hungry.

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