Monday lunch



A bellini: girly, pink and the perfect thing to drink at lunch when you are playing hooky on a weekday.  It’s rained almost everyday this month in New York, but it was almost sunny this past Monday, at least for a few hours around lunch time, and a peachy-champagne cocktail was the right celebratory thing.

I usually make fun of people at places like Pastis — wannabe Sex and the City tourists, self-serious Europeans, and girls who spend much too much on handbags — but who am I to judge?  They love the life of drinking cocktails and eating pâté bathed in the frivolous, delirious feeling of being out for a lazy lunch on a Monday.  I love it, too.

P.S.  Back to Korean food this Sunday!  We’re finally going to have summer weather.  Do I sweat my guests with a steaming bowl of chicken-ginseng soup, which really is a Korean summer soup, or cool them down with a raw fish-bibimbap?


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One Response to “Monday lunch”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Mmmmm…i love bellinis

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