God bless America, land of burgers, tendons, and everything in between



Just a week ago, a big group of friends and I were stuffing ourselves with Sichuan food and Japanese/Taiwanese odds and ends at Metro Cafe in Sunset Park.  Right above are the beef tendons, slick with oil and Sichuan peppercorns, and below are two choices among the 5 for $1 skewers.


So good!  So addictively salty and spicy, from the double-cooked pork to the fried tofu to even the lovely, tender string beans.


And tomorrow morning, I’m headed to Minneapolis for Fourth of July weekend.  I’m going to be hanging out with my college girlfriends during our yearly reunion.  We’re definitely going to snack on some cheese curds, drink some Leinenkugle’s beer, eat a Jucy Lucy, and try this Mahnomin porridge of wild rice at Hell’s Kitchen.

There is nothing that makes me feel so patriotic as knowing that that in this great country of ours, I can stuff myself with spicy beef tendons, heavy on the Sichuan peppercorns, at Metro Cafe in Brooklyn, and then just a few states over, chow down on a hamburger stuffed with pepper jack cheese in Minneapolis.  So proud to be an American!


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