Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Poppers Doritos



In Mexico, they distinguish their habanero spicy potato chips from their serrano spicy potato chips.  In Spain, their potato chips are flavored with jamon.  Koreans favor shrimp- and fish-flavored snacks.

And in America, we have “Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Poppers Doritos.”  I’m not sure what that says about us.  I only know they taste really bad, and I am a big fan of Doritos, Cheetos, and other salty, fake-cheesy snacks for the beach.


My apologies for being delinquent in blogging about Korean food.  I’ve been having too much summer fun.  Went to the beach at Narragansett, ate fried clams, and indulged in this beautifully glazed and smoked leg of lamb, cooked by my friends Lina and Ookie, of “pork butt” fame.  If you’re ever in Providence, I highly, highly recommend the ice cream at Three Sisters, especially the cardamom-scented kulfi.

But I’m back to cooking this Sunday, so wish me luck as I try to find jellyfish in New York!


One Response to “Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Poppers Doritos”

  1. Diane C. Says:

    Whoa, Lina and Ookie rock – that leg of lamb looks dee-licious!

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