A blessed bowl of pho



I used to live in San Francisco, but by the time I left 5 years ago, I was so unhappy that I imbued the city with all my sadness and could never imagine living there again.  But now that it’s November in New York and life feels bleak here, the Bay Area feels more appealing than it has in years.

It’s the kind of place where God might bless your pho.  I had one day free after a weekend full of work out there, and I went to Outer Sunset for a solitary bowl of noodles at Pho Phu Quoc (aka PPQ) before meeting some friends at Golden Gate Park.  I don’t even believe in God, but the sun streamed right into my bowl like a benediction.

It tasted as good as I remembered it.  It’s still for me the best pho I’ve ever had, straightforward and unassuming enough to be craveable everyday, yet full of equal measures of richness and light.  The restaurant was crowded but I got a seat right away.  The whole meal felt graceful, effortless.

It cost more than I remembered though.  And MUNI — when did the fare shoot to $2 a ride?!?  Something always changes, and I probably have, too.

(FYI, the California Academy of Sciences has some amazing creatures.)




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3 Responses to “A blessed bowl of pho”

  1. lina Says:

    HA! I love the random photos of those animals.

  2. Erin Says:

    I totally remember eating at PPQ with you back in the day! I am in agreement with you about the pho there, it’s a very star anise- heavy broth which I personally love. Still my favorite of the “non-tablecloth” Vietnamese restaurants in SF, I especially like the ‘special grill’ platters with rice paper and a feast of goodies to roll at the table. You’re right, they did raise the prices last year. I guess their popularity is recession-proofed.

  3. Isabella Nga Lai Says:

    PPQ is a great restaurant.

    Check out OneVietnam’s article on pho: http://talk.onevietnam.org/pho/

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