Lunar New Year Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup in Edible Pioneer Valley


Edible Pioneer Valley, covering Western Massachusetts, published a piece I wrote on tteok-mandu-guk, or dumpling and rice cake soup for its Winter 2010 issue.  Yay, someone other than me publishing me!  I realize it’s a little funny for me, living in Brooklyn, to write a piece for a local food-oriented magazine in Pioneer Valley, but that’s the beauty of home cooking — you make it at home and it becomes local.  (Just so you know, I didn’t pick the title.)

I can’t seem to figure out how to create a single PDF document from three scanned pages, but if you click on the photos and magnify, you should be able to read it.  You can also see the individual PDF pages on these three pages. Thanks to my wonderful friend Carolyn, you can now see the pages merged into a single PDF document.

A caveat: I stand by the dumpling recipe published here — it’s tasty — but it’ll probably go through another iteration to be a bit more traditional before it ends up in the cookbook.  And after a lesson with my mom’s friend, who used to make dumplings for a living, I am confident I will have a dumpling wrapper recipe as well!


9 Responses to “Lunar New Year Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup in Edible Pioneer Valley”

  1. James Says:

    That is cool!

  2. Diane C. Says:


  3. Leslie Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  4. Grace Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

  5. salley Says:

    Amazing article Grace!

  6. Bianca Says:

    Hi dear, love love love your writing and irrepressible curiosity about life. Just a note that if you ever visit the Philippines that we have a huge korean population, particularly in our southern capital. Love bibi

  7. Rosalyn Says:

    I am excited to try this out, as part of my new cooking efforts! But after the samgaetang. How neat it must be to see your name in a pretty font.

  8. Isaac P. Says:

    That’s good stuff! Thanks for publishing it…

  9. lina Says:

    Congratulations!! It must feel wonderful to see your name in print!

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