Sharon Lin, blogging from Taiwan


I’m very happy to tell you that my friend Sharon is currently traveling in Taiwan, and she has generously agreed to post descriptions and photos of the delicious foods she eats while she’s there.  Sharon and I have been eating together for a long time, since we met when we were freshmen in college, ack, almost 15 years ago, though back then, we had more immature palates and ate unholy amounts of General Tso’s chicken and pork lo mein fried rice.  (Sharon would like you to know, she did not eat pork lo mein.)

These are the details of her life that are probably most relevant for you to know:

Sharon is a good food friend because she blithely ignores socially acceptable conventions on what and when to eat.  She will gladly eat five meals a day, or seek out fried chicken and cheesesteaks for breakfast.  Although she refuses to eat small round things (peas, lentils, tobiko, chickpeas, etc.) and eats really, really slowly, she is a consistently strong eater.

Sharon lives in New Haven, CT where she eats clam and bacon pizza, hot buttered lobster rolls, and steamed hamburgers.

What would your food bio say?


One Response to “Sharon Lin, blogging from Taiwan”

  1. lina Says:

    that’s pretty funny – a food bio!

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