Slowing down the blog, with Southern Spice


It is time for me to admit that it’s no longer possible for me to regularly post to this blog, plus finish the cookbook, work my day job, and have a social life, as I really love my social life.  I will post when I can, and probably short, picture-heavy posts like the one below, from a fun group dinner at Southern Spice, a wonderful Indian restaurant in Flushing, Queens.

Squid pakoras, basically Indian fried calamari on the left, with mango chutney on the left, and “Chicken 65” on the right, which are squares of chicken breast fried with hot peppers.  I normally am suspicious of anything made out of chicken breast, but this is one of the restaurant’s specialties and much more flavorful than I would think chicken breast could ever be.

One of the rasam soups, I can’t remember which one came to my end of the table, but regardless, it was sour and peppery and totally invigorating.  This is the kind of soup I’d eat for breakfast, as jolting as my usual cup of coffee.

This was probably our favorite, the nilgiri chicken in a mint curry sauce.  The mint is cooked and melded into the sauce, but it still retains its unmistakable fragrance.  None of us had ever tried anything like this before, which means all our lives were changed by it!

The shrimp biryani.  Very nice shrimp, beautiful presentation.

The tandoori duck Raj was sort of bullied into ordering.  It was very good, but I’m actually not a huge fan of duck unless it’s crispy and Chinese.  Some of my friends would find that blasphemous.  Oh well.

These are the Kerala crab cakes, which we got because the location “Kerala” was in the name.  Southern Spice is a self-declared South Indian restaurant, but it was a little hard for us, even with Raj whose family is from southern India, to figure out what was archetypically South Indian.  Also good, but not as surprising as the nilgiri chicken.

This is the only restaurant I’ve been to in Flushing where the chef’s name was proudly emblazoned on the menu.  The restaurant itself is brightly painted and cheerful, but it looks essentially like the kind of restaurant that has a buffet lunch, which it does. The chef certainly deserves to be given credit.  It would be awesome if more non-Manhattan-style restaurants did this.

Jeremy declared it the best Indian food he’s had in New York.  I haven’t tried enough Indian restaurants here to say the same, but it’s definitely worth the trek, as far as it is from public transit.


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3 Responses to “Slowing down the blog, with Southern Spice”

  1. Matthew Reid Says:

    We’ll miss the regular updates, but we certainly understand. And if you keep sharing pictures like these, so much the better. Good luck with the book, etc.

  2. Grace Says:

    Thanks, Matt! Let’s hope the break from the blog gives me the kick in the pants I need for the book 🙂

  3. foodhoe Says:

    I must look through previous posts about your cookbook, how exciting. This restaurant sounds amazing, I love the idea of a dish changing all of your lives! I live close to two areas that have a lot of Indian restaurants, and really must explore the southern style dishes, everything sounds so delish!

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