Korean food news from Figgy & Fatty


I found out from Figgy & Fatty that Roy Choi of Korean taco truck fame has opened a restaurant called Chego! For those of you who don’t speak Korean, that means “The best!” but with a lot of gusto, a giant thumbs up.  Hence the logo.  You really need the exclamation point for an accurate translation.  I’m obsessed with the question of where Korean American food is going to go, and this feels authentic to me.  That Buttered Kimchi Chow on the menu?  It’s a dressed-up version of what my cousin lived on all through college.

But this post is really for people with the same Korean American humor as me, because Figgy & Fatty is awesome!  I found out about the blog via Kickette.  (Yes, I read a gossip blog about professional soccer players and their WAGs.  How else can I keep track of Raul Gonzalez Blanco’s doings?)  I don’t watch Korean soap operas (other than Dae Jang Geum), so I have no idea who these guys are they’re crushing on, other than Rain who my mom crushes on, but there’s something awesomely familiar about the tone of the blog.  I love it.


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One Response to “Korean food news from Figgy & Fatty”

  1. lina Says:

    HA – that blog is hilarious!

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