Easier than you might think


A few weeks ago, I made kalguksu or knife-cut noodles from scratch.  Surprisingly not hard!  I do have a revisionist memory, though.  I’m blocking out the memory of the first batch of noodles completely sticking together and having to roll them out and slice them again an hour before my guests were to arrive.  Still, if you’re making noodles for just 3 or 4 people, I think it’s worth doing at home as it’s so much tastier than the packaged versions in grocery stores, with that thick unevenness I really miss from my favorite kalguksu restaurant in Seoul.  I’m hopeful to have it finessed for the cookbook.

Also, I’m getting better at killing crabs.  There’s no way to get around it if you want to make gaejang and gae-muchim, what I like to call Korean crab ceviche.  (Though really, it’s just raw crabs chopped up and marinated in soy sauce and/or spicy red pepper paste.)  The first time was awful.  But when you pull the shell off your sixth crab in a row, you get numb to the killing.  Especially when the payoff is so high.


4 Responses to “Easier than you might think”

  1. Leslie Says:

    This is the first time I’m looking at your blog in a long time. These both look great (I always wanted to make kal-gook-su but I think I had a bad experience years ago)! I think it might be better for me not to look at your blog though since it reminds me of the things I’m missing out on!

  2. Grace Says:

    Leslie, I miss you! I hope everything’s going well!

  3. angela Says:

    like leslie, i also haven’t been to your blog in a while grace! so sorry! but once again, when i start reading about your experiments, experiences and cooking i can’t stop!! it’s always so fun to read your blog!

    anyways, you really are becoming an amazing foodie. i am FAR from tearing off the shells off those crabs!!!!! you go girl! haha!

  4. Grace Says:

    I can’t believe there’s something I do with Korean food that you don’t! I aspire to be like YOU!

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