Tofu donuts


I can’t begrudge the rapid spread of Dunkin’ Donuts throughout Seoul because the stores are so intrinsically, uniquely Korean.

I tried the simple glazed one.  It was springy and surprisingly moist.  Not bad.  But also not great.  I’d rather eat a “Well-Being” sticky rice sesame twist.



8 Responses to “Tofu donuts”

  1. Don Cuevas Says:

    Isn’t that funny? I was just about to look for a recipe for tofu whipped topping.

    Don Cuevas

  2. Diane C. Says:

    I’ll take both, please.

  3. lina Says:

    HA – that’s hilarious! Ookie wanted to try donuts to see how they were different. He got FIVE donuts at the first stop – a Dunkin’ Donuts. I tried some of the chapsal one which was way better than what you get here.

  4. cathy x. Says:

    in hangzhou, china i came across a store selling donuts with a cake-like texture, coated with things like pork floss and sesame seeds 😛

  5. Diane C. Says:

    What is pork floss? Were those donuts savory?

  6. cathy x. Says:

    i suppose they must have been savoury.. pork floss is pork salted, cooked, shredded and dried

  7. Diane C. Says:

    Kind of allergic to pork, but that still sounds so good…

  8. Oxytocin Says:


    […]Tofu donuts « One Fork, One Spoon[…]…

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