Eating yogurt pudding, 1-2-3


My trip to Korea this time was short and pretty hectic.  I didn’t do half of what I intended to do.  But on my last day, before heading out to the airport, I did try a little jar of yogurt-flavored pudding that my sister insisted I try, via my mother, from our favorite bakery, Kim Young Mo.


Like honey, sunshine, and love.

Even better when you get to the caramel bottom.

Kudos to Mr. Kim!  For more on how his life was inspired by the good smells of fresh bread, see this recent Korea Times article.

(Obviously, I’ve been out of it.  My excuse is that I started a new job.  But hope springs eternal, and I believe I will start writing again!)


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2 Responses to “Eating yogurt pudding, 1-2-3”

  1. Madeline Says:

    The yogurt looks delicious. Congrats ont he new job! Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts.

  2. Leslie Says:

    That looks really good. One of my favorite things to buy in the supermarket when I’m in Italy is the little yogurts in the glass jars. Somehow I think the glass makes it taste so much better.

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