Staying the course: cookbook update


If some of you thought that we had given up and the cookbook was never going to be published, we would not blame you. The project has taken years longer than we thought it would take, but we are still working on it. Diane has been organizing a small army of dedicated volunteer testers all over the country. I, guiltily, have not been working on it as steadfastly, and I’ve realized my new job is no longer so new and does not work as an excuse.

But we are truly making progress. Last night, as I took stock of where we are and rewrote the introduction for the 50 millionth time, I realized we’re probably 85% of the way there, at least with regard to the text. There’ll be a lot more work to do with photos and design, and so we still can’t predict when the book will be out, but I’m so relieved to promise that it will happen.

열심히 하겠습니다! (We will do our very best!)

The photo isn’t really relevant, but I think it’s pretty awesome. It’s from a sign at one end of a short trail on the mountain behind my parents’ apartment in Seoul. You can see that if you take Course A, you will burn 300 calories, which is a little less than one serving of French fries or one hamburger. If you take Course B, though, you will only burn 75 calories, which is equivalent to one canned coffee. I hope there will something equivalent to a giant serving of delicious French fries for me at the end of this project.



3 Responses to “Staying the course: cookbook update”

  1. Sissi Says:

    I didn’t know you were preparing a book (I am only a recent visitor to your blog 😦 )
    Pity I can’t be one of your volunteer testers 😉
    Good luck with what looks like the very last stages!

  2. Grace Says:

    It’s easy not to realize given how long it’s taking 🙂 Thank you for the well wishes–we need them!

  3. Ros Says:

    Ha I like how there’s a cham-ae on there, makes it super-Korean.

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