Roman holiday


This is the quintessential image of Rome, right?

But in a lot of ways, this image captured my five days in Rome better:

What I really wish I had managed to capture on camera is the pay phone that whimsically went in and out and then back in service, all within five minutes, for no reason whatsoever.

One of the things I love most about traveling is that it challenges your assumptions. Why should the first floor be “1”? When a rental agency says there is a lift to the apartment, what would make you assume the elevator starts at street level? When you need to talk to the ticket agent at the train station, why should you be surprised to stand on an hour-long line? Really, why?

The beauty of Rome is that once you get over your befuddlement, it gives you great pasta. The food, honestly, was not the most wonderful, amazing Italian food I’ve ever had. But it was very, very good. More importantly, it was good without much effort or fanfare, reminding this New Yorker with a warped view of reality that a great meal with wine should not have to cost un braccio e una gamba. And most importantly, it nourished the kind of vacation I really needed, where nothing I saw or heard or tasted reminded me in the least of my everyday life.

To find out what I actually ate, stay tuned for more…


2 Responses to “Roman holiday”

  1. Tanie wakacje Says:

    Hello. Very interesting post. Can I add a link to this blog to your account on Twitter?

  2. Grace Says:

    I think it’s already linked?!/tenchopsticks

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