A Taste of Home


I know explanted Southern Californians who need In-n-Out every time they go back and I have a friend from Atlanta who requires Chik-Fil-A on the way home from the airport.  This has made me realize that I don’t really have such a food that signals, “I’m home.”

I’m told that here in Taiwan, Yong He Soymilk Magnate is what returning overseas Taiwanese insist on between landing at Tongyuan Airport and going to sleep off the 18+ hour flight.

No matter how late your flight gets in, Yong He is open 24 hours a day (as are many establishments in Asia) for you to get your fried dough and soymilk fix.

The food is prepared just outside the restaurant so that pedestrians can grab-and-go for less than one US dollar per item.

This is a turnip pancake fried in egg.

This is a fried dough stick and dried pork tightly wrapped in sticky rice.

The quintessential Chinese breakfast is a fried dough stick wrapped in a sesame-encrusted, very flaky bread.  One of my American quirks that people in Asia always comment on is my need to have a cold drink with every meal.  I was thirsty, so I had two cold, sweet soybean milks.  Hot soymilk is served in a bowl and can either be sweetened or savory.

An excellent way to start eating my way around Taipei.  I also guess that this means that I should think about what food means “home” to me.


8 Responses to “A Taste of Home”

  1. Grace Says:

    I am insanely jealous! I think I would like any food that is “tightly wrapped in sticky rice.”

  2. Don Cuevas Says:

    Yu tiao? We had the savory soy milk (hot, in a bowl) and yu tiao at the restaurant “Foo Loo Soo”, in Campbell, CA, many years ago. Our waitress was very reluctant to let us order the savory kind, for fear we wouldn’t like it. But we insisted. and it was unusual but good.

  3. Diane Says:

    The turnip pancake looks so good…

  4. jimmy Says:

    purple rice, green eggs (no ham)

  5. Sandy Says:

    That is airport food? Looks delicious! I’ve never seen a turnip cake wrapped in egg, nor heard of the fried dough rolled up in flakey pastry. I’ve had it wrapped in a cold slippery soft rice noodle, but think I might like flakey pastry better. A fun post!

  6. Ariel Says:

    Not airport food, but apparently a must-eat, according to Sharon, before boarding a flight. It’s a restaurant with speedy take-out, and is very famous for its soy milk and various breakfast items. I prefer bubble tea and night market food before I leave Taiwan, but each to their own =P

  7. Lauren Says:

    Sounds SO good. I just overdosed on fried dough with the rest of the I Fork ladies and a “fried dough stick” would have been a welcomed edition! It was yummy and a lot of fun! http://www.iforknewyork.net/2/post/2010/03/forget-it-jake-its-donut-town.html
    Us I Fork NY ladies love reading! Keep em coming!

  8. mamabatesmotel Says:

    Reblogged this on mamabatesmotel.

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