Back Again


Within ninety minutes of touching down at Taoyuan Airport, I was once again at Yong He Soymilk Magnate.

Savory soy milk

My mom’s warm savory soymilk with cut up pieces of yu tiao (fried dough stick) and scallions.  I prefer sweet soymilk, hot or cold, depending on the weather (which, on this trip, has ranged from cool high 50s to a sticky mid 80s).


Just some of our post-flight breakfast spread.  Each item cost between 15-50 NTD, so everything under $2US.

A closer look at the shredded radish omelette.


And a closer look at the fried dough-making process.  They do this outdoors for a large grab-and-go breakfast clientele.  Look at how small the dough sticks are before they puff up in the hot oil. IMG_7512IMG_7515

Note the extra-long cooking chopsticks and the prodigious amount of oil.


I’ll be posting more in the days to come on night markets, things in edible wrappers, and food on sticks.

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3 Responses to “Back Again”

  1. David Sternlight Says:

    While you’re in Korea see if there is a “healthy” Gochujang. Low sodium, no MSG, no corn syrup.

  2. David Sternlight Says:

    Oops. Looks as if you’re in Taiwan, not Korea.

  3. Diane Says:

    Love the photos of the frying dough.

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